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23 Oct 2011

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start with the name of ALLAH
Omer Zaheer Meer is online.
Wa Rehmat Ullah Hi Wa Barakatuhu,

Message for you - Spread the word

Kindly read it and forward to your friends. May Allah reward you for the effort. jazakALLAH khair
Must Act Now
Assalam O Alikum Wa Rehmat Ullah Hi Wa Barakatuhu,

It is the vote cast on the election that counts at the end of the day and so both the so-called major parties and all status-quo forces are doing all they can to ensure minimal youth vote is registered.

They are afraid that the 60% youth vote, if registered can transform into a tsunami that will be the basis of revolution through evolution and wash them away. It has the potential to bring down the castles of this system of injustice. Hence they are doing all they can to prevent it from happening.

They are using all means to ensure that it is kept to a minimal. Most of the youth is unaware (baring those active) that 30th October 2011 is the deadline for voter registration and as such the next elections would be based on this.
Remember that it is not the support but the votes that will count in this system. Ensure you get your vote registered as we are receiving complaints from many areas that ECP staff did not visit houses or did not register people.

For details:

To register your complaint:

Contact ECP Officials:


You can also contact your local co-ordinator. If any problem or hurdle, feel free to contact me for any help in this matter.

Should you need the help, the best way to reach is to send an email at:omerzaheermeer@hotmail.co.uk

Do not let the status-co vultures win. Spread this message around as there is hardly any time left and a lot of people are still unaware let alone registered. All the best and with joint effort we all can achieve the positive change. Have faith and believe.
So are you ready to work for a positive change?

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