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17 Jun 2010

Face the book

Courtesy of Shiza Sabri's Postos - Wall Postos

Quran-e-Karim Written by Indian Muslim Emperor Aurangzeb nearly 400 years ago.


Indian continent Kerala Police has arrested Mr. M.G. Sukumar (44) resident of Trichur, who is going to sell this Quran for 5 crores Indian Rupees (IRS.5,00,00,000) equal to 50 million $. And it has been sent to Hyderabad for verification of script.

This Holy Qura'n written by Mughal Emperor AURANGZEB in his own hand writing before 400 hundred years ago (During 1636-44 & 1653-58).

Urdu Designed Poetry

شاعر۔افتخار عارف بیٹیاں باپ کی آنکھوں میں چھپے خواب کو پہچانتی ہیں