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A-Latestpoetry : Message: Aghir insaan ko

A-Latestpoetry : Message: Aghir insaan ko Rasool-e-PaakI don't fear poverty for you, but rather I fear that you will compete with one another (to see who has more possessions)."[1] Reported by al-Hakim (2/543) and others
In describing the evils of greed, he (SAW) gave a beautiful parable: 

"Two hungry wolves, if let loose amongst a flock of sheep, cause less harm than a man's eagerness to increase his money and his prestige."[2] Reported by al-Tirmidhi (# 2373), Ahmad and others

In another hadith, he (SAW|) stated, 

"Three things destroy, and three things save. As for the three things that destroy, they are: greediness that is obeyed, and desires that are followed, and a person becoming self-conceited (and proud) with himself. As for the three things that save, they are: the fear of Allah in secret and public, and moderation in poverty and richness, and fairness in anger and pleasure." [3] Reported by al-Bazzar (# 80), Abu N…