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A-Latestpoetry : Message: Jummah Mubarrak

A-Latestpoetry : Message: Jummah Mubarrak
Jummah Mubarrak 1053
The best day of the week is Jummah

O' Allah !!! Make The Month Of Dhul Hijjah The Best For Us And Protect Us From Sins So That Our Acts Of Worship Are Accepted. O Allah !!! Bless Us With Strong Imaan, Taqwa, Piety, Pure Heart And Good Manners. O Allah !!! bless us with beneficial knowledge and help us to act upon it. O Allah !!! Forgive All Our Sins, The Hidden, The Open, The Big And The Small, The Ones Done Of ignorance And The Ones Done Out Of Evil intent. O Allah !!! Keep Us Safe From The Hell Fire, The Torment Of Grave And The Terror Of Day Of Judgment. O Allah !!! Guide Us To The Straight Path And Give Us istiqamah. O Allah !!! Make Us Amongst The , Sadiqeen, Sabiqeen, Mu’mineen, Mutawakkaleen, Muttaqeen And Mutaqarrebeen. O Allah !!! Remove From Us All The Hardships, Difficulties, Anxiety, Depression And Sadness Of This World And The Aakhirah. O Allah !!! increase Us in Sabr And Perseverance. O Allah !!…