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Roasted Potatoes with meat

Everyone loves oven-roasted potatoes, don't they? They are a classic side to a meat roast, and so easy to throw in a pan and leave to their own devices. You can also add your own touches, such as meat or garlic - or even cheese, as we did in the Roasted Potatoes with meat, Cheese, and Parsley (see full recipe below) pictured. Here, some easy tips to make the outside crispy while keeping the inside fluffy. 1. Parboil them first, then score them with a fork to leave raised ridges that will get crunchy. 2. Sprinkle parboiled cut-up spuds with semolina or polenta to make a crispy coating
3. Bake them in a metal pan rather than a glass or Pyrex one.
4. Roast them at a high temperature or in the hottest part of the oven if they have to share with other dishes.
5. If they aren't crispified to perfection when the rest of your meal is ready, pop them under the broiler for a few minutes.
Roasted Potatoes with meat, Cheese, and Parsley

Yield: Makes 8 (side dish) servings
Active time: 30 min