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Beef Sheek kibaab

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Women in the Quran

Women in the Quran It is a well known fact that in Islam, women are held in high esteem. Bibi Khadija, Prophet Muhammad's (p.b.u.h.) wife was a business woman and in fact the Holy Prophet was her employee! Then, our beloved Bibi Fatima (a.s.) the Prophet's daughter was helping him and Hazrat Ali in the management and distribution of charities and social welfare of the Muslim Ummah of the time. The veil imposed upon women by the Mullahs and patriarchs, seems to be a later, cultural development. In the Holy Quran Allah asks that both women and men cover their fineries. Respectable dress has been ordained but not robes covering the head where vision is impaired and makes it tough to be mobile - running after kids, cooking, going to work.
This essay aims at acquainting us with women mentioned in the Holy Quran. To be sure, it by no means is a comprehensive or a definitive account nor a scholarly discourse. It is simply aninteresting look at the life and lifestyles o…