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8 Jul 2010

Computer pur Urdu ki tarviej ki website

Urdu Version | English Version Urdu Website Dedicated for the Promotion of Urdu Computerization This is a collection of free Urdu tools from Internet. Follow these 3 steps to make your computer Urdu compatible. Step 1: Install Urdu Nastaleeq Font (Jameel Noori) After installing this font you can read Urdu in Nastaleeq font on many popular Urdu websites e.g. Nawaiwaqt. Step 2: Install Urdu Phonetic Keyboard After installing Urdu keyboard on Windows � computer you can type Urdu Unicode text in programs like Microsoft � Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. You can also send and receive emails in Urdu from almost all email providers. This keyboard is specially designed to use your existing keyboard with English keys to type Urdu. Details here. Step 3: Enable Unicode Urdu in Windows XP After this step your windows computer will support right-to-left typing of Urdu. This step is not required for Windows Vista. Online Tools and Tutorials Type Urdu Online using keyboard or mouse Convert from InPage to Urdu Unicode text How to import Unicode Urdu text into InPage? How to type and print Urdu? How to email in Urdu? (coming soon) Important Urdu Websites Urdu Dictionary About Us